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Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Schooling Days in CONVENT GREEN LANE....

Standard 2
I was studying in a school called SRK CONVENT GREEN LANE.
I guess you can say that I was one of those who could not keep still.
I was very active and always tried to do things my way.
Our class was one of the most dynamic classes in terms of students from all walks of life and personalities, boy we were loud and cheeky

This was our 25th Year Anniversary. Convent Green Lane had both Primary and Secondary Schools.

Form 5 Arts 1
Again  the class I was in consisted of very diversified students, some  were my old primary school friends and others were new. But still, my class was still loud and fun. We were not only artistic on paper but had good imaginations too. The good old days!!! Ahhh!!!What Fun!!!

I was a librarian and I really enjoyed the power I had in the library.
No matter how long me and my old classmates have lost touched it seems like when we do get back in touch, on Facebook from time to time, it’s like we got in touch with an important part of our growing up life….  We are all not close anymore but somehow when we meet up or talk we are warm, welcoming & close.

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