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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My First Phase...

KUALA LUMPUR : Truly the ultimate guidance comes from Allah SWT. Good news to all of us in the full blessings of Ramadan, when the Chief Women of Bukit Gelugor Division, Cheryl Chew converted to Islam on August 24, 2011, afternoon.

She utters the word Faith at 3.00 pm in the office JIM Bukit Malawati.  

After the conversion, she announced her new name that is HUDA CHEW HONG WAH.

Speaking to the Voice of Keadilan, she now felt more relaxed after embracing Islam, the religion which he deemed as universal.

Cheryl's best friend who shed tears of joy, happy that she is now Islam. She also announced, that she received many presents, which included copies of interpreted Quran and religious books from friends.

I started fasting and studying Islam in stages before deciding to convert to Islam on a historic day, today.

"I feel very relaxed after I converted to Islam and am convinced that this is the true religion."

"Islam is not just for the Malays or the Arabs, but it belongs to all of mankind," she said.

 She also expressed overwhelmed feelings for the continued support of all parties, especially her 5 closest friends, Endok Sempo, who is President of WIRDA; Faridah Abdul Karim, who is also Deputy Head of Women KEADILAN Gombak Division; Sharifah Noorriati Syed Amirudin, who is also Women Chief of KEADILAN Balik Pulau Division; Ain Eusoff, who is Ahli Majlis of MPK and Azlina Binti Hj Omar, who has been her friend since Form 1, at Convent Green Lane Secondary School.

"Since news about my conversion spread, my Facebook friends are increasing.

"But mostly, I am touched by the ongoing support  and spiritual words from all parties, especially Kak Faridah," she said.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, she is using the name of Huda Chew Hong Wah (Cheryl).

Huda, which means "guidance" in Arabic. In the old days, those who study Islam, were presented with the Quran and other religious books, by friends.

Huda started to fast and learn more about Islam in stages, before deciding to embrace Islam on the 24th day of the Ramadan month. 
On facebook, Cheryl has changed her name to Huda Chew Hong Wah [Facebook Cheryl]

I will learn the full beauty of Islam.

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